Sanamika + L.E.A. - Simplon

Sanamika + L.E.A.

Simplon UP

Th 20 June 2019
Location: Kleine zaal Open: 20:30 - 23:30 Start: 21:30 Ticket: €3,- Deur: €3,- Genre: Singer / Songwriter
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She sings with old Persian methods, is trained in jazz and uses modern technology for her own work. Sanam Tahmasebi, also known as Sanamika, is an Iranian singer and composer. She studied at the conservatory in Groningen and since 2019 she has focused on her own solo project with loops, beats and singing in her own compositions. This promises to be a special evening at UP!

L.E.A. is the name of the trio that consists of Leonardo Grimaudo (guitar), Esat Ekincioglu (double bass) and Aleksandar Skoric (drums). They compose their music on the spot by creating landscapes of sounds with a rhythmic and meditative atmosphere. With this, they leave the audience with perfumes and colors that make them aware of something that is hidden deep inside their soul and imagination. Although noise is not always nice, L.E.A. tries to recreate the terrible sounds of our century. There might be more wars going on than ever before, and more and more unjustified dead are falling every day. L.E.A. plays together to exorcise all this evil!