Peaking Lights Acid Test - Simplon

Peaking Lights Acid Test

+ Black Dynamite Soundsystem

Mo 3 July 2017
Location: Kleine zaal Open: 20:00 - 22:30 Start: 20:30 Ticket: €12,- Deur: €13,- Genre: Electronic

Los Angeles based Peaking Lights Acid Test a.k.a. P/LSD is a live instrumental disco dub version of Peaking Lights songs and other original material with APC (Aaron Coyes, 50% of Acid Lights) playing solo, handling the synths and manning the controls. Dance floor friendly, the tracks come off as Balearic upbeat and groovy with moving. The sets tend to have a nice arc as they build up in intensity. Because this show will be a very unique one, we will sell only a limited amount of tickets to create an extra intimate vibe.