ft. Djedjotronic

Vr 5 Juli 2019
Waar: Grote zaal Open: 23:59 - 05:00 uur Aanvang: 23:59 uur Ticket: €5,- Deur: €5,- Genre: Eclectic Leeftijd: 18+
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Rough, disruptive and proudly unconventional. Words that we happily embrace and words that describe our season closing act very well. We are ecstatic about this man’s slamming electro music and his lust for productions that never play by assumed rules. Djedjotronic reminds us that the beaten path is the broken path with every record, DJ set and live show he plays.

Whether he remixes Depeche Mode, Chilly Gonzales or Tiga, the Frenchman brings a spontaneous spirit to everything he does. Now, almost 10 years into his career dealing dark atmospheres from his unique vantage point, Djedjotronic is a force to be reckoned with.

Jeremey Cottereau, as he is known to his friends, will be supported by the Ongehoord resident DJ’s who will be playing energetic DJ-sets before and after our main act. Ongehoord is a state of mind. A collective of like-minded people with a fondness of contrasts and a lust for proper electronic music in all of its forms.

Shed your mask and feel at home!