Lunetten Shadow Banking + Onkruid - Simplon

Lunetten Shadow Banking + Onkruid

Simplon UP

Th 21 April 2022
Location: Bovenzaal Open: 20:30 Start: 21:00 Ticket: €3,- Genre: Experimental Electronic / Pop
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The sun rises and the birds are starting to chirp, I won’t get home for a long time. It’s vague, very vague. That’s the scenario in my head when I hear the melodies of Lunetten Shadow Banking, definitely not misplaced at a weird after. One of those afters where you sit on a big couch with still way too many people, everyone carries a beer in their hands and the song (with music video) ‘Zelfscan’ plays on the television in front of you. Next to that I’m thinking if this song fits into one of the infamous soundcloud playlists of my friends, or does this fit a different box?
Experimental is a genre box that could be used, with different electronic tunes, weird lyrics and (I think) game bleeps in between. Lunetten Shadow Banking is something you have to experience. A good genre is something I can’t seem to find, but I did find a lot of Lego. Did I just hear a horse gallop?

Onkruid actually expects you to wear some nice sandals, of course with gorgeous white socks. Okay, technically speaking we are not in a club but according to this pair you will go way harder on your sandals. Onkruid is almost like walking into a story, with interesting lyrics
about goldfish, girls and sandals. Next to that the catchy pop sound will make sure that you don’t have to be bored, standing in the corner
of our venue. Dancing is totally fine. Words are almost hard to think of when talking about Onkruid, which is why I’d rather suggest you grab a beer at the bar, walk in front of the stage and listen to it for yourself.