Lola's Dice - Simplon

Lola's Dice

Fr 2 June 2023
Location: Bovenzaal Open: 20:00 Start: 20:45 Ticket: €13,50 Genre: Funk / Indie
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In the early years of Lola’s Dice, the band members experimented with genres such as punk and funk, but it wasn’t long before they fell under the spell of a range of Latin American influences that the band describes as Tropical Noise. The band has now grown into a pure rhythm machine that has been setting clubs and festivals on fire for years.

This year the band will release their long-awaited debut album: Pura Maldad. A genre-transcending collection of tropical madness with fuzzy Latin funk as a common thread. A collection of voice notes, anecdotes, sleepless nights and road trips provided an endless source of inspiration. With this luggage, the songs took shape in the Heat Too Hot Studios. Under the direction of Alex Figueira, the tropical noise dripped along every square meter of the studio in East Amsterdam.

Pura Maldad is a clear result of the artistic evolution the band has gone through in recent years. Yet everything starts from the base: the Latin and Afro-Caribbean roots of the four band members. On their debut album, the band moves closer to the dance floor than ever before.