Jo Goes Hunting - Simplon

Jo Goes Hunting

Fr 22 November 2019
Location: Bovenzaal Open: 20:30 - 23:00 Start: 21:30 Ticket: €10,- Deur: €10,- Genre: Indie / Pop
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With his love for experimental electronic music, obscure hip hop and sixties pop, in combination with his meticulous production style, Jo Goes Hunting creates sounds that merge into an innovative, stimulating and versatile whole. This producer/songwriter is strongly influenced by his background as a jazz drummer and that is clearly reflected in the rhythmic diversity of his music. Regardless of the complexity of those rhythmic elements, the music of Jo Goes Hunting is primarily danceable, fresh and contagious.

The brain behind the act is the Nijmegen-based multi-instrumentalist Jimmi Jo Hueting, who plays all of the instruments himself during studio recordings. During his live tours, he’s accompanied by four talented musicians. They have already been featured on Best Kept Secret, Down The Rabbit Hole and as support act for De Staat in the AFAS Live. New work is planned for this fall and it is high time to bring the band to Simplon!