Jack and the Weatherman - Simplon

Jack and the Weatherman

Fr 20 October 2023
Location: Grote zaal Open: 20:00 Start: 20:45 Ticket: €16,- Genre: Pop
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Take elements from pop, folk, reggae and hip hop and throw in a bunch of positive and profound lyrics and you’ve got Jack and the Weatherman. Berry ‘Jack’ Krikken and Sebastiaan ‘Weatherman’ Weerman are old school friends from Emmen. By chance they bumped into each other again years later in Haarlem and voilà, Jack and the Weatherman was born. The men celebrate the beautiful aspects and fragility of life and its beauty. It’s music for both the heart and the head and during their dynamic live shows they will make you enjoy life more.
Jack and the Weatherman does almost everything themselves. They write their oeuvre from their own studio. With their self-released EPs Something Positive, Homewards and Some Kind of Purpose and albums The Lucky Ones and One of Us, they scored megahit after megahit on Spotify, with over 60 million streams and listeners around the world. Their biggest hit ‘Till the Sun Comes Up’ even earned them a Gold Record Award. They do shows in the Netherlands and far beyond the borders, from Finland to England, Germany and Switzerland. There’s a party everywhere they go. During their energetic live shows they become one with the audience to give everyone an extra dose of joie de vivre home afterwards.
Jack and the Weatherman’s previous shows in Simplon were unfortunately canceled due to Covid, but now they can finally bring their positive vibes to Simplon. Joy guaranteed!