Insurrection + Angelic Forces - Simplon

Insurrection + Angelic Forces

Sa 18 September 2021
Location: Grote zaal Open: 19:30 Start: 20:00 Ticket: €8,- Genre: Metal
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These legends raining from the North of the Netherlands together form Insurrection. You’ll find a perfectly blended mix of brutality, melody, and catchiness inside their destructing death/trash metal that knocks everything out of its path. Since 2008 the boys of Insurrection have been busy making music that will make your ears start bleeding, that is in a good way of course!

Back in 2015, the Frysian thrashers released their debut-ep called ‘Catatonic’, a record that they regularly performed at venues in the Netherlands, as well as other European countries like Germany, France, and Switzerland. They have been working hard since the initial success of their first ep and are now adding the last pieces of the puzzle that is their first full-fledged album; ‘Circle of Despair’. where you will find more of a melodic and diverse twist to their ravaging death-sound.

Bassist Wilco van der Meij left his former metal band back in 2014, but the urge to keep playing metal music definitely didn’t disappear, resulting in the formation of Angelic Forces. Along with singer/guitarist and former bandmember Harold de Vries, as well as drummer Rudie Kingma, the hunt began for the last puzzle piece to complete the band. This would become guitarist Maurice Gijsman. 

The men inspired by 80’s Heavy Metal began hitting up the studios in 2016 to make their very first singles, which received quite a warm welcome by the Dutch metal scene. In 2018 they released their first self-titled mini-EP ‘Angelic Forces’.