HENGE - Simplon


We 23 March 2022
Location: Grote zaal Open: 20:00 Start: 20:45 Ticket: €14,- Genre: Electronic / Rock
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Attention Earth! This is HENGE!

HENGE is a group of four extra-terrestrial beings, Zpor, Goo, Grok and Nom, each coming from a different corner of the galaxy. Together they play a type of electronic crossover rock which they call ‘cosmic dross’. They offer a dizzying combination of psychedelia, prog rock and techno. Something we don’t know on earth yet.

Cosmic Dross was their debut EP release in 2017. A five track of electronic madness so unique and captivating that it cemented their reputation with the alternative festival community. They were so well-received that they were voted Best Live Act at the 2018 Independent Festival Awards.

This fueled their space rocket to release their following two albums, Attention Earth! in 2018 which they toured for the following two years. They have stuck to their unique comic dross, which you can hear in their latest release ExoKosm. HENGE will be performing at our main stage this November so don’t miss out on this ‘out of this world’ experience!