Hearing Dogs For Deaf People + Historian - Simplon

Simplon UP:
Hearing Dogs For Deaf People + Historian

Th 20 October 2022
Location: Bovenzaal Open: 20:30 Start: 21:00 Ticket: €3,- Genre: Indie / Rock
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The music during the Simplon UP on October 20 will go back in time! With a modern edge, of course.

In addition to being a British charity initiative, Hearing Dogs For Deaf People is also a cool Rotterdam band. The music is a musical journey over decades combining 90s alternative, 70s punk and 60s mod influences in a new mixture of danceable excitement. This new indie band is perpetually changing and ready to steal your heart. The band already has quite some music available online with single “DIY” as their most recent addition. Still interested? Have a listen to their album “Killer Willy”.

Historian is one of the few acts that already knows that he is playing at ESNS 2023 thanks to the Hit The North development program. The musical centipede combines old and new music into a bluesy, fuzz-filled rock show in which the organ has become indispensable. Think DeWolff, but then slightly more poppy. In 2021 the debut EP “Things Of Pure Design” was released, including the single “Generation”. The music was picked up well by IndieXL/Free40 Indie Charts and even managed to grab the #1 spot. Next year, Historian wants to release his debut album with songs that will sound even bigger than his previous work.

Yung Nilla will serve you with a musical repertoire with heavy guitars, catchy hooks and melodical riffs. With tunes that are always exciting and energetic, she fills the room with a buzz of anticipation. In her choice in music she is heavily influenced by the post-punk, garage, punk and other bands that have shown their faces in the bars of Groningen over the years.