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Posij b2b Boeing 747 + Mits b2b VICEGRIP & more

Sa 4 November 2023
Location: Grote zaal Open: 23:59 - 05:00 Start: 23:59 Ticket: €10,- Genre: Dubstep / Bass Age: 18+
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Fltrbox is the new dubstep event in Groningen. With a focus on dubstep, we ensure that it becomes an evening reminiscent of the past – one that will be equally unforgettable. We keep it pure, with a full dose of 140% dubstep.

Posij B2B Boeing 747
Posij and Boeing 747 are no strangers to Groningen. Posij is known for his rugged bass music, his contribution to Skrillex’s new album “Quest For Fire” with the juked version of “Too Bizarre,” his releases on Chase & Status’ label, and Boeing 747 is a co-owner and resident of Oost; both have a preference for dubstep. For the first time, they are standing behind the turntables together, and that too with a set dedicated entirely to dubstep!

Mits and VICEGRIP recently released their collaborative EP “Royal Blood,” featuring 4 hard-hitting tracks that pierce your eardrums with cutting basslines combined with hard-hitting drums. Mits is known for his intense dubstep that sounds like machine guns firing through the speakers, and VICEGRIP is known for his signature riddim sound that packs a punch as well.

Deadlockz is also a familiar face in the Groningen dubstep circuit and is indispensable in the lineup. They say Deadlockz is a masterchef and will serve you the best dubstep. It’s going to be a feast!

Moldae, also known as the purple demon from Hungary, is known for leaving no room untouched. With his unique productions and insane flips of existing tracks, we recommend coming only if you dare…

Bizmuth B2B Ecrip
A good start is half the battle, and that’s why Ecrip and Bizmuth are coming to Groningen to kick off the evening with a bang! Ecrip is the founder of the Leeuwarden-based organization and DJ crew Wob Mob. He specializes in blending various types of dubstep sounds and promises to make the show a spectacle. Bizmuth has been part of the team from day one, co-founding Blacklight Audio and being associated with the Monsters Music label.