Douglas Firs - Simplon

Douglas Firs

Fr 19 November 2021
Location: Bovenzaal Open: 20:00 Start: 20:45 Ticket: €12,- Genre: Indie
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For many people, 2020 was a bizarre year, this was no exception for the Ghent singer-songwriter, Douglas Firs. It was an emotional rollercoaster of a year for him. In the span of one week he found out that he was going to become a father, but also got the devastating news that his mother was terminally ill and didn’t have much longer. Shortly after his mothers death, his grandmother died from complications caused by corona. Swinging back and forth between emotions, Gertjan Van Hellemont went to his studio and started writing what would become ‘Heart Of A Mother’, the new Douglas Firs album. In November of this year he will be performing his new album on our upstairs stage.

In 2012, Douglas Firs released his debut album ‘Shimmer And Glow’, and performed several shows in Europe with his band. Then two more albums, released under the Dutch label Excelsior Recordings. In addition to the combination of heartbreaking melodies and raw rock roots, Douglas Firs also makes room for soundscapes and synthesizers in his latest work. Last year he released the beautiful single ‘What If I Can’, as a sneak preview to what’s to come on the new album. This year he also brought out ‘One Day’ and announced that the album ‘Heart Of A Mother‘ will be released on August 21!