Bassface XXVI - Simplon

Bassface XXVI

Philth + Waeys & more

Za 26 September 2020
Waar: Bovenzaal
Open: 23:59 - 05:00 uur
Aanvang: 23:59 uur
VVK: € 10,-
DVK: € 12,-
Genre: Bass
Leeftijd: 18+
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Release an album on Dispatch Recordings containing 25 top-tier tracks, that’s all there is to earn yourself a two hour slot on a Bassface line-up! Philth recently released his ‘Moments in Time’ LP: an album that takes you through soulful jungle and lovely liquid drum&bass, as well as banging breakbeats and techy rollers. This album is a true masterpiece and describes everything we love about drum&bass and music in general. We are honoured to have him show us his take on his album, inspiration and further classics for a whopping two hours. With his ten years of experience, there is no doubt this man is a legend of the scene and we hope to teach you something about true passion and quality on this night.

To support our headliner, we’ve found a very exciting Dutch prodigy to do so! Amsterdam based Waeys marched into international attention by releasing his ‘Ropple’ EP on Overview last year containing four well-crafted deep rollers. Next to these, the guy doesn’t mind his occasional foghorn or hip-hoppy halftime tune (for example with well-known Bassface guest Dayle) and with that perfectly meets the Bassface requirements!

Of course the Bassface Crew is present as well. We’ll fill the rest of the night with a mixture of numerous genre’s spread out over the night. Trap, dubstep, hip-hop and of course our beloved drum&bass, you’ll never know what you’ll find but you know it’s going to be good!

Philth [UK]
Waeys [NL]
Bassface Crew