4B2M - Simplon


Fr 29 October 2021
Location: Bovenzaal Open: 20:00 Start: 20:45 Ticket: €12,- Genre: Rock
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This is taking care of business, this is a family band. 4B2M‘s debut single ‘This Is Happening’ is a fitting introduction. Four brothers, two mothers. Rocco and Jimi Hueting (De Staat, Jo Goes Hunting) along with Teun and Cas Hieltjes (Go Back To The Zoo, St. Tropez) form this brand new band. Two sets of two brothers who have already more than made their mark in music.

They met as young boys in Nijmegen and wrote songs together in their bedroom. Due to the stormy developments of their musical careers, the two pairs of brothers never got around to making music together. Until now. With a band name that sounds like a designer drug, the music will take you to a high state. Sleep paralysis pop, krautrock, R&B and space horses are what we can expect from 4B2M, according to the foursome. We will witness this at their show in our upstairs stage this fall!