Jaimi Faulkner - Simplon

Jaimi Faulkner

+ Hans Hannemann

Fr 3 November 2017
Location: Grote zaal
Open: 20:30 - 23:00
Start: 21:00
Presale: € 12,-
Doorsale: € 13,-
Genre: Pop / Folk

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The Australian singer-songwriter Jaimi Faulkner is no stranger in The Netherlands or anywhere in Europe to be honest. After his first few solo-albums he travelled to Europe and decided to stick around. Together with his Dutch band of three he writes sensitive folk-pop music with roots, blues and country influences. They all live together in a farmhouse near Bremen, Germany where they get inspired to write their music.

Jaimi’s new single ‘Early Morning Coffee Cups’ has reached almost two million streams on Spotify. His sound consists of beautiful guitar music, a soulful voice, sensitive drums and romantic piano music. Later this year he’s coming back to Simplon and bringing a new album with him. His performance with us last year was already amazing, so make sure not to miss out on this one!