Haunting Records Label Night – Simplon

Haunting Records Label Night

Vr 29 September 2017
Waar: Grote zaal
Open: 21:00 - 04:00 uur
Aanvang: 22:00 uur
VVK: € 8,50
DVK: € 10,-
Genre: Electronic

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For the first time Haunting Records will take over the Simplon main stage to create an unprecedented evening full of live electronic music from the newest upcoming acts in Groningen.

Haunting Records is an upcoming electronic independent label based in Groningen. They focus on acts with a creative modern sound and innovative live performances. The night will take you on a journey from beautiful electronic pop songs to the roughest rhythms of German techno.



FLCTS is a German electronic duo, formed by a producer and a female singer. They take their audience from festival and pop stages to a Berlin underground club, from an intimate and beautiful to an extraordinary powerful live set. By merging their influences of electronic dance music using drum machines, synthesizers and effects with catchy pop vocals, they have a broad musical pallet with a unique and outstanding sound.

PHOLE is a producer, songwriter and DJ based in Groningen, the Netherlands. After the successful release of his latest album ‘’Oppositeland’’ he gained widespread attention and built up a big fan base. Over the years, Phole has developed his own distinctive sound, merging beautiful acoustic recordings with intense synthesizer sounds.

NACHTWACHT is a live electronic band based in Groningen, The Netherlands. Their thrilling live shows blend electronic and acoustic instruments into a hypnotic yet powerful mix. After their first ever show in a sold out club Paradigm, the Netherlands, they performed in multiple venues in the Netherlands (including the Stadsschouwburg, Groningen) and had a tour in Germany (Berlin and Leipzig).

After their headlining debut in well-known club Paradigm, the Netherlands, Klankveld will once again perform at the Haunting Records Label Night. Taking live electronic music to a next level, Klankveld uses a big set-up of the best analogue synthesizers and drum machines to create a true live performance while fully engaging the audience.

DJ-Team MAMA is part of the UNEED DJ-collective located in Heidelberg, southern Germany. Well known for their unique power show they totally enjoy presenting their Tech House/Techno sound to all the dance-crazed people out there.

Note: Student Tickets only valid by showing student pass at the door.